Throw out your voice

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Tran Quang Hai

Every day and around the world I meet people who are expressing themselves through what they do. I wanted to bring them together here so I can show them off. And also because, in doing what they are doing, and by sticking to it, I think they are doing good things for the world. We can learn, be heartened and be inspired by them.

They are people who are motivated because they care about other people, and who are determined. Whatever may get in their way, they don’t stop.

I want to quote one of them now. You’ll meet him properly soon. He’s Tran Quang Hai, an Ethnomusicologist from Vietnam whom I met when I attended an Overtone Singing Workshop he delivered in the village of Caramanico Terme in Italy earlier this year. He recently launched a new website where you can drop in to read and watch clips of overtone singing – choose from 243 videos and articles – http://tranquanghaisworldthroatsinging.com/

“Throw out your voice”

Tran Quang Hai said, instructing us how to sing.

‘Overtone’ or ‘throat singing’ is an incredible vocal technique used in many oral traditions in Asia as well as in Italy.

His instruction stuck with me, not only as a tip for mastering this vocal technique, but as a message, a metaphor, for giving what you can, what you have, to the world. We can all do it.

These people and their work are on this blog because I am inspired by them. By cutting out their little, or big, corner, they are enriching it for others whose lives they and their work touch. And I’d like this to be a place where they can touch yours too.

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