A brief introduction

29th October 2018. I finally created a website. I want to use it to share with you the voices of people in the world I encounter, whose voices are loud and beautiful and worth listening to. Please listen. Come back to meet them, to hear them. Let’s speak up.

I’m Katie. Look at the colour of the sky in London. That’s where I am now.

IMG_4684 2
Hammersmith Grove, London, 29th October 2018

I really love tomatoes, so they’re my website icon. The tomato picture comes from Piane Di Morro, a village in the Marche region of  Italy where my friend Massimiliano Di Carlo hosted the first edition of the Fontefina Festival earlier this year. He is a musician and has a cultural organisation called Alberi di Maggio (the trees of May, or May Trees).

Tomatoes in Piane di Morro, near Ascoli Piceno in Italy

I’m from the Marche region too, in the UK – or the Welsh Marches, as they are known. The word march means border. I was brought up in a place called Wormsley. In the garden there, where my parents still live, the sky was also blue two weekends ago.

Wormsley, Herefordshire, 21st October 2018


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